Month: November 2016

Together, Not Divided

The election has stressed out over half of American adults and it has caused a political divide in our country. But now, after over a year of angst and arguments, the 2016 election cycle (and the political stress) is finally over. Whether you are elated or disappointed by the results, it’s now time that we…
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Let’s Make it Official! We Need an Election Day Holiday!

It’s Tuesday and today millions of Americans are facing long commutes, packed work schedules, impromptu meetings, and more. This leaves little time for voting. This constitutional right is too important for Americans to put on the back burner because they’re too busy. That’s why so many Americans want to make Election Day a federal holiday.…
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Cashew Cheese on Kale Chips

Put away those cheese puffs and try this easy, healthy snack. Don’t let the name of the recipe scare you away; these “chips” are easy to make and also, extremely delicious! Cashews are such an amazing food and nut. They are ripe with proanthocyanidins, a class of flavonols that studies have shown to reduce the…
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