Month: September 2017

Classical Music Month

When’s the last time you took a moment to appreciate classical music? September is Classical Music Month, a month that celebrates a beautiful variety of music that is actually great for your health. The Health Benefits of Classical Music Classical music can feed your soul as well as help lower your blood pressure. In fact, an Italian study found…
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National Women’s Friendship Day

When was the last time you made contact with a good friend? So many of us are so busy that we don’t make time to nourish and foster our friendships. National Women’s Friendship Day is a chance to change all of that. Tips for National Women’s Friendship Day Studies show us that people with friends…
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3 Uplifting Irma Stories

Hurricane Irma has been absolutely devastating for Florida and certain U.S. territories. The latest reports state that 22 people have died due to the hurricane and that’s only within the United States. During all of this chaos and destruction, everyday citizens stepped up. Here are just three examples. Marooned Manatees Rescue This tumultuous weather is…
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Hug Your Boss Day

Do you have a great relationship with your boss? Many of us don’t or at least don’t feel comfortable hugging our boss. Why not get your boss a card or cupcake. Today is about celebrating your boss and showing them gratitude, so create your own way to let your boss know you are thankful for them.

Chocolate Milkshake Day

It’s Chocolate Milkshake Day! A chocolate milkshake makes a delicious dessert and it even has nutritional value. Chocolate (or cocoa-rich foods) can do your body a load of good. Studies show that chocolate has a great nutritional value that can help you live longer. Tasty Ideas for Chocolate Milkshake Day Today, celebrate this milkshake holiday…
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