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I lost my job and kept wanting to snack. Could my stress be making me hungry?

Brianna, When you are stressed, you can experience emotional eating. Stress makes us anxious and when you eat these carbohydrates calm you down and make you feel better. The problem is weight gain and unhealthy eating. Do a substitute activity such as reading, walking or playing with your pet. Make healthy snacks ahead of time…
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What are the spiritual benefits of walking?

Karin, Walking is a revered historical practice. When you study with most ancient spiritual traditions there is undoubtedly a walking meditation so one becomes aware of your connection with the holiness within your Self, with the Divine, and with the elements of the earth. You were created to move that magnificent body. Native Americans, Christian…
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Why should I be grateful for grief and loss?

Jamey, Be grateful for the kaleidoscope of experiences in your life. It may seem difficult to be grateful for loss and grief, but all sacred texts and spiritual teachers tell us there is a purpose for everything. Again, if you look to great spiritual leaders, you see they have transformed their grief into a state…
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Can meditation help treat addiction?

Karstin, The Journal of Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly and the International Journal of the Addictions report that meditation can decrease cigarette, alcohol, and drug abuse. An analysis of 198 independent treatment outcomes hound that meditation produced a significantly larger reduction in tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use than either standard substance abuse treatments (including counseling, pharmacological…
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Can meditation help lower cholesterol levels?

Gretchen, The Journal of Social Behavior and Personality published a longitudinal study showing that cholesterol levels significantly decreased through meditation in patients with elevated cholesterol, compared to match controls, over an 11-month period.  

How can meditation affect aging and memory?

Kyle, The Journal of Memory and Cognition reported college students meditating displayed significant improvements in memory performance over a two-week period on a perceptual and short-term memory test. The International Journal of Neuroscience published findings showing meditation reverses the aging process. Individuals practicing meditation for more than five years were physiologically 12 years younger than…
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What is apathy?

Lorie, Apathy is a real death sentence to your life. When you just don’t have curiosity, don’t care, and don’t get involved in life, you are dead. Apathy is seductive because you just sit on the sidelines of life, criticize others, and do nothing. Whatever philosophy, spirituality, or religion you espouse, none of them honor…
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How is envy destructive?

Derek, I believe that the reason this is one of the Ten Commandments (thou shalt not covet) is that envy plants the seeds of self-destruction and the destruction of others. Envy is the root of murder, stealing, infidelity, violence, and so much more. When you live a life desiring what others have you can never…
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What is shame?

Callie,Shame is when we feel flawed. Shame is toxic and is like living with an invisible cloud over our hearts. Shame usually had its genesis in our childhood with issues concerning our original families. Shame is difficult to sort out alone, and I continue to find it sad that so many of us have spent…
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What is hate?

Kathryn, Hate is violence within you that will inevitably seep into every facet of your life. No seeds of happiness can grow in hate. If you are experiencing hate I suggest you get help from a counselor or clergy person. Hate is lethal to the mind, body, and soul. When you choose to hate someone,…
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