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Waikiki’s Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Exhibit

Check out Waikiki Aquarium’s new exhibit! The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Exhibit at Waikiki Aquarium features a living reef ecosystem representative of the world’s most isolated islands. A 4,000-gallon public display features masked angelfish, Thompson’s anthias, Japanese angelfish, Hawaiian morwongs, and unique live table corals. While the fish in this exhibit are abundant in Hawaii, they…
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New Zealand Live Seahorse Cam

Check out this live stream from the seahorse tank at the New Zealand Marine Studies Center. Aren’t they cute?! Fish or Horse Seahorses are fish. They live in water, breath through gills and have a swim bladder. However they do not have caudal fins and have a long snake-like tail. They also have a neck…
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Live Underwater Cam of Freshwater Puffer Fish

Freshwater puffer fish are extremely interactive and interesting fish. Although not the easiest type of fish to keep, puffers are unlike an other species you’ll find in an aquarium. These fish are gorgeous and personable and make great “water puppy” pets! Puffer Fish are adorable looking fish with a comical, chubby appearance. They are particular…
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