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The Guilty Poodle

Who is the guilty poodle? Three poodles stand trial, but only one seems guilty.  Check out this classic clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos. Even though it’s almost two decades old, we bet it still makes you smile.

Video: Family Lockdown Boogie

Like many people, New Zealander Jack Buchanan recently found himself with a little too much time on his hands because of the coronavirus quarantine. He didn’t let that depress him though. Instead he did what any talented young music enthusiast would. He convinced his entire family to dress up and do a choreographed dance to…
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‘What the World Needs Now’

Here’s a little something to brighten your day. What started as an idea on Shelbie Rasslre’s flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some incredible people. Watch as Boston Conservatory at Berklee student Shelbie Rassler convenes a virtual orchestra of 74 of her peers to create a wonderful connection in a time of social distancing.…
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“I gave your treat to the cat…”

“I gave your treat to the cat.” These are words no dog wants to hear! Check out this super hilarious video of a man telling his dog that he has given his treat to the cat. We all know that dogs can convey a wide, wide range of emotions without the use of actual words.  Each…
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Adorable Dog Commercials by Subaru

Today’s inspiration is brought to you by Subaru. Through the years we laughed, cried, and of course loved our Subaru dog commercials. Please enjoy this short montage of some of the most inspiring and loving dog clips on the planet.

Who ate the cookie?

Who ate the cookie? There’s no shortage of “guilty dog” videos, but we have to admit, this poor black lab looks very, very guilty. And it certainly doesn’t help that his brother is a tattle-“tail”.Watch this video and see what happens when Mom asks “Who ate the cookie?”. She asks this of her 2 black…
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Adorable Dog Plays Hide-And-Seek With Owner

Tasha loves playing outside, and she has mastered how to avoid being called back in from a beautiful, sunny day.  Watch as this adorable dog  plays a clever game of hide-and-seek with her owner! He keeps calling her to go back inside, but he’s going to have to find her first. Every time she doesn’t…
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