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Pet-Friendly Offices

Pet care can be a challenge when you have to work from home. So it’s no surprise that even major companies are adopting pet-friendly policies to attract and keep top-rated employees. While many people resort to doggy daycare or dog walkers, most people would prefer having their pets with them at work. According to one…
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Pets in the Workplace

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or fish, having a pet in the workplace is not only therapeutic, studies show that they can relieve stress too. Here are some Mindful Work tips to create a relaxing, work environment that includes animals too. Though pets are beloved members of most American homes, few businesses allow them in…
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Why Should We Be Mindful of Animals?

8 Questions About Animals in the Workplace Why is it good for people to bring their pets to work? Owning a pet can reduce blood pressure and relaxation our bodies. Job stress costs our corporations $300 billion annually. If we can lower job stress through pets in the workplace, we can lower this figure. People who…
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