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How Free Are You, REALLY?

Today’s question: “How free are you, really?” July is the month of our country’s birthday which symbolizes freedom. The Secret of Happiness is Freedom Take this time of year to do a “freedom check-up” on your own life. When you are attached to things like financial status, material possessions, roles as a mother, wife, father,…
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Healing Division on July 4th

Independence Day marks the birth of a revolutionary movement. It has been a long time since the United States declared its independence, and while we have achieved so much as a country, today we stand divided in so many ways. With the Declaration of Independence, delegates proclaimed the United States as a sovereign nation capable…
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Freedom is the Oxygen of the Soul

Moshe Dayan’s quote, “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul,” reveals the essential nature of freedom in our lives. July is the month we celebrate our nation’s birthday and we celebrate our nation’s freedom. It is also a time that invites us to become mindful of the freedom of your mind, body and soul. July…
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Patriotic July 4th Meals

Are you planning an Independence Day party? Do you need some yummy recipes? Check out these patriotic-themed meals! 6 Patriotic Recipes for July 4th American flag 7-layer dip. Start your Independence Day party with a flag-shaped dip. Mariah’s Pleasing Plate’s recipe layers refried beans, hummus and taco seasoning, salsa, guacamole, and cheese in a clear…
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Are You Really Free?

This month we celebrate the 4th of July. This month symbolizes our freedom. We celebrate our freedom that came at a great cost. Many have sacrificed and given their lives so that we may enjoy this precious freedom, but are you really free? Do you experience the freedom our forefathers and foremothers meant for you…
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Mindfulness: The Path to Freedom

As a wise person once said, “Mindfulness is the path to freedom.” How many of us really live in the present moment? Learning to live in the present moment can be difficult. We live worried about the future, coping with guilt, and overwhelmed by the past. We can do nothing about the past and worrying about…
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What does it mean to be really “free”?

What does it mean to be really “free”? Dr Hall talks about what this question really mean and how we can explore this concept.

5 Fireworks Tips for Pets

For Independence Day, many Americans will be celebrating with fireworks—from small ground fireworks in their backyards to major displays at their local park. While fireworks are entertaining for humans, they’re not so much fun for our four-legged friends. If your pet freaks out at the sound of fireworks, try a few mindful tips on calming…
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Presidents on Your Money

While Presidents’ Day began as a way for Americans to honor the first President of the United States, George Washington, this holiday has morphed into a celebration of all of our nation’s presidential leaders. Past presidents are honored with memorials, museums, and libraries, but one of the biggest tributes is the one that is often…
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