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Energizing Mountain River

Get ready to be refreshed and energized as your mind, body, and soul experiences this swirling, bubbling, life-giving river.

Dazzling Northern Lights

Immerse your SELF in the dazzling Northern Lights, nature’s winter magic. Allow your eyes, mind, and soul to float into this swirling, magical, dancing light of the Northern Lights. Enjoy the vibrant, light particles as they shower you with Divine, healing, mystical rays from the Universe above. Video footage from; Audio from

Willpower of a Tree

Relax and enjoy this beautiful, snowy view of a pine tree swaying in the breeze. Perched far above other mountaintops, this small tree displays her willpower as she holds her footing and stands strong against the winds as songbirds sing in the distance.   Video footage from; Audio from

Enjoy This Gorgeous Tranquil Beach

Experience the calming, soothing ocean rhythm of this gorgeous tranquil beach as it washes away your stress, worries, and anxieties. Feel your mind and body ebb and flow as you drift closer and closer into this perfectly relaxing moment.   Video footage from; Audio from

Energizing Mountain Stream

Get refreshed and energized as your mind, body, and soul experiences this swirling, bubbling, life-giving Energizing Mountain Stream. Surrender to the cleansing, rejuvenating, power of the water washing across these timeless river rocks. Allow your SELF to be filled with new water, new energy, new hope, and new life today.   Video footage from;…
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Wind in the Trees

Enjoy the restful sound of the wind in the trees as it whispers through the swaying ancient trees. These ancient beings are sharing their wisdom and healing with you today. Video footage from, audio from / Audio Hero

Dazzling Lake Sunrise

Enjoy this dazzling lake sunrise. Surrender to the light of this magnificent sunrise as it opens your mind to all that is good and possible in your life. Listen as the birds at daybreak sing you an energizing song to start your day. Allow the dazzling light and luscious color to permeate your body, mind,…
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Mystical Jungle Waterfall

Relax and allow your busy thoughts and worries to flow away from your mind, body, and soul as you immerse your senses into this mystical jungle waterfall. Listen to the rush of the water as your anxieties drift away. Allow your SELF to well up within with a feeling of calmness and restored power. Video…
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Experience Daisy Relaxation

This serene daisy nature meditation invites you to surrender into the essence of your SELF. Become one with this simple, pristine daisy as it communes with the earth, wind and sun. This daisy is an invitation to you to simplify your life and learn to trust your own nature. Video from; audio from

Lush Deep Forest II

Enjoy a few moments in this lush deep forest. Sit under the trees and absorb the healing, transformative power of Mother Nature. These ancient beings give you life and beauty. Breathe in deeply the fresh oxygen the forest is gifting you today.   Video footage from, audio from