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How Meditation Helps Your Mind, Body and Soul

Why should you meditate? Let us help you learn how meditation helps your body and soul. Meditation means awareness. So as a result, whatever you do with awareness and free from other distractions is considered meditation. For example, listening to your heartbeat is meditation; watching the sunrise is meditation. The word meditation comes from two…
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Why You Need Mindful Moments: Meditation

What is a Mindful Moment? Many of us are living mindlessly these days instead of mindfully. As we race through our busy lives our minds can race like an out of control train on its tracks. Our minds and bodies were not created to maintain our mental and physical health at our current rate of…
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5 Tips for a Meditative Morning Run

Do you have a busy morning routine? Most people do, and unfortunately, they may have to choose between making time for morning exercises or meditations. But, there is a solution. By taking up running, men and women can get a cardio workout while they meditate. Most people take up running for health reasons. Running burns…
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