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Creating Your Authentic Life-Part 1

“Many people die with their music still in them.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Discover Your SELF! Every person has a purpose or a calling. These questions will help you explore your passions, values and goals to discover greater meaning and purpose in your life. When I was in grad school and in my subsequent training we…
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Extreme Minimalism

In this age of excess it’s easy for some individuals to become engrossed with material goods. Compulsive hoarding has gotten a lot of media coverage through programs like TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” However, there are individuals on the other end of the spectrum who practice extreme minimalism. Leading a minimalist lifestyle is about reducing clutter…
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The Healing Power of Your Shower

Water invites you to endless possibilities for physical, mental, and spiritual healing and renewal. Water draws us deeper into ourselves. There is sensual, sexual freedom connected with water. Reclaim yourself with the power of water Reclaim yourself in your morning shower and set the stage for the day. It is your time alone. It is the time in the…
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Mindful Living Explained

Learn about Mindful Living Network from our founder, Dr. Kathleen Hall in this short 3 minute video. This is a great video summarizing what mindful living is and what the Mindful Living Network is doing.

Create Your Own Nail Polish Rituals

There is a sacred bond between women stylists. We all love our manicures and pedicures. There is nothing like relaxing while someone massages, nourishes, and colorizes our beautiful hands and feet. Our nail stylists have become as endearing to most of us as our sisters or friends. There is a bond of confidence, trust, and…
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Preserving Food at Its Peak

In previous times preserving food was not a luxury but an essential necessity for survival. You either preserved your food or you perished. I began canning again when I saw my daughters growing up and I feared they might not learn the gift of knowing how to preserve food as my grandmother and mother taught…
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Stop and Smell the Roses

Celebrating the Exquisite Rose What is more beautiful than a rose? I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson as he said, “There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence,” It’s National Rose Month and time to celebrate the exquisite rose. No matter what color, classifications or lineage, any rose is…
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Attachment Causes Suffering

I have been thinking about what the Buddhists say about attachment. Buddhism believes our suffering in life is created by our cravings and attachments. I agree with this. I have been thinking about all my attachments: husband, children, status, money, property, jobs, friends, etc. etc. and the list goes on. Maybe attachments have an invisible…
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Get a Dose of Nature’s Xanax

A Simple Dose of Nature’s Xanax A simple walk can be the equivalent of taking either an anti-anxiety drug, an antidepressant or a sleeping pill. Just 20 minutes of walking reverses your stress response, lowers your blood pressure, gives you an immune boost, and increases your energy and optimism. So step outside get some fresh…
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Effects of Lies and Dishonesty

The effects of lies and dishonesty in our lives can be tremendous. While we live in a culture of dishonesty, in a time of lies, we should strive to rise above it. Lies and Dishonesty Are Everywhere For example, many of us question our government’s honesty. Some before and even more after the faulty and…
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