Category: Snow/Ice

Sparkling Glacier Ice Melting

Immerse you SELF into the mystical sound of sparkling glacier ice melting around you. Imagine the cool, refreshing air slowly moving across your face and you melt away all your tension and worries.     Video footage and audio from

Snowy Mountain River

Feel refreshed and energized as your mind, body, and soul experiences a swirling, bubbling, life-giving snowy mountain river. Surrender to the cleansing, rejuvenating, power of the water, as it washes across the timeless river rocks as tiny snowflakes swirl in the air. Allow your SELF to be filled with new water, new energy, new hope,…
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Relaxing Snow Fall in Forest

Experience Mother Nature’s power as you witness the calm and relaxing snow fall in the forest. As the snow continues to fall, you hear the blustery wind, and you see the snow continuing to pile up. You experience the raw power of Mother Nature in Winter. Surrender to this ultimate power. Lie fallow in the…
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Energizing Snow Fall With Music

Experience the power of Mother Nature as you witness the energizing snow fall in the forest. As the snow falls, you hear the energizing classical piano melody while the snow continues to accumulate. Experience the raw power of Mother Nature in Winter and rise up to this revitalizing, invigorating power. Absorb your potential and discover…
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