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What are the spiritual benefits of walking?

Karin, Walking is a revered historical practice. When you study with most ancient spiritual traditions there is undoubtedly a walking meditation so one becomes aware of your connection with the holiness within your Self, with the Divine, and with the elements of the earth. You were created to move that magnificent body. Native Americans, Christian…
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How do I start journaling?

Kelli, Research shows us there are health benefits to writing your thoughts, emotions, and experiences down on paper. To begin journaling: Choose the best time of day to journal. Take five minutes in the carpool line, when you get back from lunch, or before you go to bed. If you have more time, journal more;…
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How do I take a cleansing breath?

Adriane, To take a cleansing breath: Inhale deeply into your belly, through the nose (if you can’t, use your mouth), bringing the air deeply into the lower lobes of your lungs. As you do this your abdomen will rise. On your out breath, your abdomen will sink back into your spine. Be aware of your…
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Can meditation help lower cholesterol levels?

Gretchen, The Journal of Social Behavior and Personality published a longitudinal study showing that cholesterol levels significantly decreased through meditation in patients with elevated cholesterol, compared to match controls, over an 11-month period.  

How common is meditation?

Blake, Ten million American adults now say they practice some form of meditation regularly. This is twice as many as a decade ago. Professionals, homemakers, farmers, prisoners, physicians, teachers, children, religious and nonreligious people are all flocking to learn the practice of meditation. You no longer have to go to an ashram or monastery to…
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What are the health benefits of serenity?

Carlos, With studies we now know that we connect with some miraculous source of healing when you experience times of serenity. Your blood pressure goes down, your immune system gets a boost, and you slow down the aging process. Scientific research clearly reveals that your body replenishes and heals as you practice serenity. In the…
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What is serenity?

Josh, Serenity is about coming home to your real Self and your true purpose. Just say the word serenity over and over a few times and notice what feelings arise within you: sadness, exhaustion, frustration, or grief? I lived a life where my primary family and society held little value and reverence for serenity. Serenity…
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What is living from the inside out?

Hailey, I have come to see that the path to one’s true Self comes from living from the inside out. It is the keystone teaching of all the great religious and spiritual teachers throughout time and can be distilled down into one basic message: Look within, listen, and live from your center. Living from the…
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Is there a link between spirituality and health?

Lauren, The mind-body medicine movement and the research done in this field have taken us into a new direction in recent years. “Spirituality and Medicine” is a course at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School that teaches students how to talk with patients about their spirituality and disease. More than half of the medical…
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How can spending time in nature help me be optimistic?

Regan, Nature is a perennial source of Divine optimism. Every spectrum of nature fosters the seeds of Divine optimism. Each of the four seasons beckons us to the next phase of our lives. The mystical phases of the moon lure us into optimism and wonder. The powerful forces of nature beam the energy of optimism…
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