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Can We Get Sick From Worrying

Worry takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Many of us waste a significant part of our lives chronically worrying about all sorts of things. Learn strategies to worry less so you can live your best life.

Do You Have Techfluenza?

Is technology controlling your life? Do you lose innumerable hours to technology while feeling unhappy and lonely? Learn how to be the manager, not the victim, of this technological world.

Is Practicing Mindfulness Hurting Your Health?

Some people become more anxious when practicing mindfulness. Join a discussion on why some people have trouble reducing anxiety with mindfulness and relaxation practices.

Is Watching the News Making You Sick?

One of the biggest challenges we face in modern times is finding a way to maintain inner peace while staying informed about world events. We live in challenging times, and we need to stay informed without surrendering our inner peace and happiness. Joi…

Holiday Killer Shopping

A discussion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday chaos and remedies for all of us.

Mindful Time vs Mindless Time

Stop living life in a vicious time crunch. Learn how to shift from a MindLESS time to MindFUL time today.

New Year New You

Join us as we invite you to be the master of your fate and create the best year of your life.

Advent – The End – The Beginning

Join us as we talk about beginning a new year and a new life for you

Thanksgiving Holiday Stress

Dr. Hall talks to WJNO’s Jim Edwards from Palm Beach about holiday stress and the 3 warning signs. She also shares tips to combat stress.