Category: Week 2

Self-Love 101

A new year means a chance for a fresh start and a better you. In order to be better, you must first love yourself.  You don’t have to wait for ‘National Self Love Month’ to start, so here’s a beginner’s guide to self love. Declutter Your Mind, Body, And Soul A big part of learning to…
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Reconnect with Mother Nature

We have spent the month of January supplying you with tons of information to help you create a happier, healthier, mindful new year. I want to end the month with a really simple, life-changing New Year’s resolution that is simple, has no cost and contains untold mental and physical health benefits.  Answer your call to…
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Why You Should Mentor

When we’re thinking about asking for a raise or transitioning into another career, having a mentor can be a lifesaver. And it’s not just the protégé that benefits from the relationship either. Mentorships are two-way streets that can help everyone reach their full potential. Five years ago, CNN reported on research conducted by Sun Microsystems.…
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How to Start a Travel Fund

Traveling can sometimes feel like an unattainable luxury. Expensive hotels and ever-increasing plane tickets can put most desired destinations out of reach. Many people end up forgoing their trips altogether. Creating a travel fund months or, preferably, years in advance can make the seemingly impossible dream vacation possible. So, if travelling was apart of your…
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Enjoy TexMex Chili Night!

Crockpots are an easy way to prepare healthy meals for the whole family. If you’re in the need of a fun recipe to use for your crockpot, try this enchilada-inspired chili. It’s delicious and your family will enjoy TexMex chili night. This creative recipe is a unique take on a traditional enchilada and it features…
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Carrot and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

When it comes to a winter dinners, nothing is easier or more delicious that a simple bowl of soup. You can’t go wrong with the classic choices, such as tomato or chicken noodle, but if you’re looking for something different, you’ll love this recipe for carrot and roasted red pepper soup. Though this soup recipe…
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It’s Time To Feed Your Soul

“Plan Your Vacation Day” is January 29 It’s time to begin planning your vacation to feed your soul. Jan 29th is Plan Your Vacation Day.  Did you know we have studies showing you get a boost to your health and happiness from the moment you begin planning your vacation? Your mental and physical health improve…
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Dance Your Way to Better Health

When your workout routine is exciting you are more likely to keep up your exercise regimen. This is why dancing is the perfect Mindful tip for improving your health. There are numerous health benefits of dancing. Dancing helps you loose weight and it builds up your upper body strength. It gets your blood pumping, which…
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Tea Helps with Aging

Nothing warms your body and your soul like a warm cup of tea on a winter morning. Drinking hot tea can positively impact your health and since January is Hot Tea Month, it’s time that we embrace tea’s delicious anti-aging properties. History of Tea People have been drinking hot tea since 2700 B.C. It began…
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Creamy Broccoli Soup

Chef Kendrick Dopp shows you how to make this broccoli soup recipe. Not only is it good, it’s also low calorie, low fat, dairy free, vegan and healthy.