Category: Yoga

Power Yoga – Challenge Yourself

This Intermediate Power Yoga Flow is for those are looking to challenge themselves and take their practice to the next level. This power yoga flow routine will help you challenge yourself in new ways. This yoga flow will strengthen and tone your body through different muscles with its toning exercises and yoga postures. There are…
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Yoga To Unwind For Better Sleep

This is a 15 minute gentle yoga to unwind and for better sleep. This yoga class is perfect to help you unwind, release tension, calm the mind, and offer the body some restorative movements. These movements are perfect for endorphin release,  blood flow and as a result, better sleep. So if you suffer from insomnia,…
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10 Minute Morning Bed Yoga For Beginners

This is a 10 minute morning bed yoga class. Yes, you can do right in bed! Bed yoga is not only convenient but pretty motivating on those days where you find it hard to hop out. For example getting a good yoga stretch in before jumping out of bed helps to wake up the body…
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