Month: June 2018

Sun Awareness Day

Do you have a reverent respect for the awesomely powerful sun? Our Earth and the other planets revolve around the sun. The sun is the center of our solar system, and it gives us life-giving light, heat, and energy on Earth. It also generates weather. “Look” to the sun every day and thank the magnificent source of…
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National Handshake Day

It is National Handshake Day. Did you know there is a new study by Johns Hopkins that tells us handshaking does not spread diseases but is actually good for you?  All those old tales of not shaking hands to avoid disease are not true.  Get out there today and shake hands with everyone you see. …
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What The Fluff Challenge

The What The Fluff Challenge has taken over the internet! All you need is a blanket, a doorway, and your four-legged friend to play. It’s basically a game of peek-a-boo with your dog! Some were shocked, some were confused, but they were all so much fun to watch. Give it a try! All you have…
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National Chocolate Pudding Day

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s delicious and it has some nutritional value if eaten in moderation. Today, celebrate chocolate by eating chocolate pudding with your family and your friends. It’s great to share. Take some to work and celebrate this day with your coworkers. You and your loved ones will definitely enjoy National Chocolate Pudding Day.…
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Need Extra Help? Hire an Intern!

Could your business or office benefit from an extra pair of hands? Consider hiring an intern. In fact, having an intern can be a great learning experience for everyone at work. Hiring interns come with a host of benefits. Here are a few mindful work tips. Benefits of Having an Intern They’re diligent workers who…
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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

It is definitely time to eat some delicious summer vegetables. For Fresh Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, enjoy fresh corn, tomatoes, green beans, and squash. Ideas for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month  Pick up some fresh veggies from a local farmer’s market, it’s like a trendy food court. Or go online to discover new ways…
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National Descendant Day

Do you know who you are a descendant of? Do you know your family’s history? Discovering your family history is a fun project for your entire family. Today’s the day to learn more. There are many online sources to begin your investigation.

National Hydration Day

 It’s National Hydration Day. Make sure to drink water during your busy day. Even mild dehydration can cause your moods to change. Studies show when you reduce your hydration, by exercising or drinking too much caffeine, you can get dehydrated and that affects your mood and health. If you are one of those people who…
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Take Your Dog To Work Day

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day! While many people resort to using doggy daycare or dog walkers while they’re at work, today’s the day to change that. Take Your Dog To Work Day is Good for Your Health Research shows that it’s healthy to own a pet. Pet owners have lower rates of cardiovascular disease,…
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International Yoga Day

Grab your yoga mat and a friend to celebrate International Yoga Day! According to a U.S. study from the National Institutes of Health, 9.5 percent of American adults practice yoga. That’s 21 million people. Today visit your local yoga studio and see if they are offering special classes or hosting a special event for the day.