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A Soldier’s Silent Night: Twas the Night Before Christmas (Video)

Here is a great video entitled A Soldier’s Silent Night: Twas the Night Before Christmas that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.  This lovely take on the original ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas‘ was written by Lance Corporal James Schmidt, performed by Father Ted Berndt, and created by K. Wolfert. This “A…
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5 Mindful Holiday Tips

The winter holidays bring people together, but they can also bring stress and anxiety. Stop feeling overwhelmed and try these mindful holiday tips. For a healthy holiday you must learn how to relieve stress. Five of the top holiday stressors are shopping, traveling, insomnia, seasonal depression, and unhealthy eating habits. There are a few mindful…
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How To Avoid Holiday Guest Stress

Creating a stable, safe, kind home is the key to a great guest visit. Holiday gatherings can be tense. Also remember that you really have no idea what people are going through, whether it’s your brother-in-law that lost his job, your niece dropped out of school unexpectedly or your sister who has no health insurance.…
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The Science and Soul of Giving This Holiday

“Helper’s high” is the term used to describe the euphoric feeling our mind and body experience when we give to others. As we shift from focusing on our own troubled, busy lives, we turn from the shadows of our daily life and open our hearts to the magnificent light and love possible this season. The…
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Tis the Season to Feed your Community

The U.S. is a wealthy country. None of our citizens should go hungry and yet too many do. Millions of adults, some homeless and some not, don’t have enough food to eat. And then there are the children. Thirteen million children (or one in six kids) face hunger in the United States. Fortunately, if we…
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Apps to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Keeping yourself organized and prepared during the holidays can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are mobile and tablet holiday apps that can help you relax, keep things in order, and bring back a little fun to the holiday season. Listed below are some Mindful Application Holiday Apps that you may want to consider. Holiday Essentials Apps…
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Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations

This is the season of kindness, generosity, and giving. When we plan for the holidays we should be compassionate with our planet as well as our family and friends. Eco-friendly decorations will not only make our homes beautiful, they also benefit our environment. There are many green holiday decorations to consider. You can buy recycled…
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Eco DIY Crafts for the Holidays

With the change in weather and seasons, we can all anticipate long evenings spent in our cozy homes with family and friends. If you’re looking for indoor activities to pass the time why not try some of these holiday craft ideas? You’ll be recycling and entertaining the whole family at the same time! 4 Holiday…
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Mindful Travel Series: Summer Festivals

This summer we presented a Mindful travel series to inspire others to take a relaxing break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Our three previous spotlights covered national parks, museums, and animal sanctuaries. This week, for the final edition of this series, we focus on three types of summer festivals. Summer is coming to an…
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Christmas Crack – The Best Treat You Never Had

Join Chef Kendrick Dopp and try this holiday treat, Christmas Crack. If you haven’t tried it, get ready to become an addict!