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Conserving Water in Your Garden

Our gardens and lawns get especially thirsty in the heat of the summer. Quenching that thirst can take a lot of water which can be costly for the environment and your wallet. So, whether you want to adopt more Eco-friendly habits or simply reduce your water bill, conserving water in your garden can make a…
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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

The two-week countdown to Earth Day, April 22, 2018, has already begun. This year’s theme is “End Plastic Pollution.” Bottle caps, Ziploc bags, and other plastic debris is littering our planet and endangering our lives, the lives of animals, and the planet. You can do your part simply by making small, simple changes to your…
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3 Earth Day Projects

Today is Earth Day and this year, with the worries about climate change, there is so much we must do to help the environment. Now is the perfect time to get your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers involved in Earth Day projects. For over 40 years, people have been celebrating Earth Day, a time that…
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Earth Day is Coming

Earth Day is just around the corner. How are you planning to celebrate? History of Earth Day In the spring of 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day as a way to convince the government that radical changes needed to be made to protect our environment. Around 20 million Americans around the country celebrated the first…
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Happy Earth Day

Dr Kathleen Hall wishes you and Mother Earth a Happy Earth Day this April!

Easy Mindful Green Living Tips

Our environment has been home to millions of life forms for millions of years. But in the recent millennia, this ecosystem has become under stress and adapting to the pollution and waste we generate. How can we help? Follow our simple green living tips. It’s easy to want to live green but sometimes it’s not…
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Going Green is Good For Your Health

Over the years, families, schools, and companies around the world have been going green. This environmental initiative has changed the way we think about our trash and our other harmful practices that are further polluting our planet. This going green movement has a huge, positive impact on the environment, but that’s not all. Going green…
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