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Be a Responsible Christmas Tree Owner

Decorated trees have been a staple with Christmas and holiday celebrations for centuries. Whether you chose a traditional tree, an artificial one, or a live plant, proper care is needed so be a responsible Christmas tree owner to insure the health of your tree. Too many plugs in an outlet or faulty wiring from Christmas…
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Citrus Ambrosia Salad

Do you need a yummy salad recipe? Take a break from all the heavy foods and sweets this season and eat some light food to refresh your body. This citrus ambrosia salad will refresh your palate. The citrus ingredients for this salad will give you an additional health boost this holiday season. There are a…
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29 Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party

White elephant parties or gift exchanges are popular during the winter holidays. It’s a fun party idea for friends, neighbors, and coworkers. If you’re going to a white elephant party this year and still searching for a gift, we have a few Mindful gift ideas for you! White Elephant Party Gifts Buying a gift for…
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Powerful Guided Imagery

One of the most powerful, effective and simple practices to boost your mental and physical health is guided imagery. Guided imagery uses words and images to help the mind focus and guide you into a state of mind-body healing. The mind is a powerful tool that controls the functions of the body. Our body responds…
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Holiday To-Do List

We often think that the holidays are for spending quality time with our family, carrying out traditions and enjoying time at home with the ones we love the most. Although the holidays are truly a special time for our families, it should also be a relaxing time for yourself so add these in your holiday…
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Snappy Holiday Shopping Tips

One of the most stressful tasks of the holidays is shopping. While there are many stressors, two of the key triggers are “mall mania” and staying on a budget. “Mall mania” refers to the stress that comes from waiting in line and fighting the crowds during this busy retail season. Most of us just don’t…
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Holiday Service Project Ideas

Will you open your heart and give a different kind of gift this year? Volunteering during the holiday season is a win-win for everybody. There are many people and organizations within our community that would appreciate your help. By helping others you’ll make new friends and try new experiences. To get started, join a service organization that…
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Bend Over More Often

Yoga Is for Everyone Yoga means union of the body, mind and soul. We live in a chaotic world where we continually live in our mind and forget to reconnect to our body and soul. Yoga practice keeps you connected to yourself no matter what happens throughout your life. It is a practice that creates…
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Why Advent Is Important To You

Advent is an important season for you. Advent begins on December 2 and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent has traditionally been a significant, ancient theological time of year. I believe the nonreligious, spiritual, and religious alike are called into these 24 days of reflection and introspection as we leave 2019 and begin 2020. This is an…
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Black-Eyed Pea Kale Salad

Chef Kendrick Dopp, from our show Cooking for Love, bring us this delicious and nutritious black eyed pea kale salad.